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BOSTON (WGGB/WSHM) -- State officials have released new information in regards to coronavirus cases in the Bay State. 

The Mass. Department of Public Health said that as of Friday, January 14, there were 1,318,694 confirmed cases in the Bay State. That marks an increase of 12,864 new cases since Wednesday. 

There are 3,223 patients currently hospitalized with COVID-19. 

Of those total cases, 20,450 deaths are now being attributed to COVID-19.  That's an increase of 64 newly reported confirmed deaths since Thursday.

For a further breakdown of the figures, CLICK HERE.

Western Mass News will continue to follow this story and will have more information as it becomes available.

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Weird reporting that means nothing. Hospitalized "with" covid. So? It doesn't say because of Covid. It just means they tested some people in the hospital and they came back positive. Doesn't say if there is any serious illness from it. Same with the newly "reported" deaths. It doesnt say they happened since Tuesday, just that the were added to the total since Tuesday. Ridiculous.


Anyone else get the idea that this push for 100% vaccines is being peddled by big pharma as a way to avoid responsibility for negative effects of the vaccine? If everyone is vaccinated and some young people die, well, it couldn't possible be the vaccine. It's natural causes. Then they never have to take responsibility for their actions.


Any reports on the people in Mass that have gotten the "jab" then died from complications? vidmate


Biden says 350 million have Vaxed he also said you can not get infected if vaxed

people you have to listen to our mentally unstable President


Any reports on the people in Mass that have gotten the "jab" then died from complications?


Oh dear. Lock everyone down, now and forever. Death by starvation, or boredom is the only way to save humanity. BTW, people outside the United States are just enjoying life.


[censored] WHY do we not see the 84+ THOUSAND who have RECOVERED??

Give GREAT NEWS once and a while! Even the Herald tosses a positive once and a while! Your subscribers NEED HOPE[alien][alien]


Cause that won't scare the people, you don't hear the media reporting that there is an over 99% survivability rate, you don't hear the media report that deaths from the common flu has dropped over 96% from years past and you won't hear them report that deaths in the U.S is basically on par with the past 10 years. All CDC numbers.


YES. Go maskless - and NO vaccines ... ever.

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