WEBSTER,. MA (WGGB/WSHM) - A Connecticut man is in custody after police say he kidnapped and sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl in May.

Authorities arrested Joshua Besaw at his home.

Federal charges against him include kidnapping and transporting a minor to engage in illegal sexual activity.

They say DNA evidence and surveillance video are what led to his arrest.

"That's disgusting. The old man. I am glad he got caught and I hope he goes to jail, and does a long time in jail, because that's what he deserves," one Webster resident tells us.

People in Webster are reacting to the arrest of 35-year-old Joshua Besaw.

During a press conference today, Webster Police described what happened to a 12-year old girl on May 31.

"The victim went to the May Street Park, here in Webster, to meet a friend. Besaw saw her, enticed her into the car under false pretenses, that he needed some assistance," stated Webster officials.

Court documents obtained by Western Mass News found that Besaw told the girl his name was Chuck and he needed help because his girlfriend's parents hated him.

"Then transported her over state lines where he sexually assaulted her," stated Webster officials.

Those documents describing disturbing details of what happened in Thompson, Connecticut.

Besaw brought the girl to a wooded area, telling her he had a gun and saying:

"If I paid you $800, would you kiss me?"

The young victim told police she tried to fight him off.

Police say after he was finished Besaw said:

"At least I didn't rape you so be grateful for that."

The girl was then dropped off in Dudley where she used someone's phone to contact her parents.

"She was clearly traumatized from that night that she was dropped off. As anyone would expect, she was emotionally a wreck, but she is a strong little girl and, like I told her today, she is a hero in my eyes," said one Webster official.

Investigators used surveillance video and DNA evidence to make the arrest.

Then on July 10th Besaw was having a smoke.

Chief Michael Shaw of Webster Police Department explained how they were able to identify Besaw from the cigarette he smoked. 

“They were able to survey Besaw and retrieve used cigarettes that were able to be tested for DNA. That DNA matched DNA taken from the victim May 31," Chief Shaw said. 

Couple all that with this brave girl’s statements to police, who always found her story to be credible, and you get the arrest of Besaw.

The chief added that Besaw was known to them, but never for a crime to this extent.

He said he’s unaware of any other incidents like it, but encourages anyone who was possibly victimized by this man to come forward.

"Probably one of the finest moments I've had was being able to watch Detective Joseph Reed tell the family this morning that Mr. Besaw was in custody and the relief that washed over their faces," said one Webster official.

Webster residents are still shaken that this happened in their small town.

"It's crazy it usually doesn't happen around here nothing like that usually happened," stated one Webster resident.

Besaw is being held at a federal detention center in Connecticut after appearing in federal court in Hartford today.

He could be back in court this Friday.

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