One person is dead following a crash in Ludlow Monday morning.

Neighbors have grown concerned with the number of accidents on the road - rain, snow, or shine - and are asking the town to do anything they can to make it safer.

Destruction was hidden in darkness on Center Street in Ludlow this morning.

Police told Western Mass News that a car drove off the road directly across from Reservoir Road around 2 a.m. Monday.

The driver was the only person in the car. That driver was taken to Baystate Medical Center, but later died.

"I knew it when I heard a crash. It happens at least three times a year, easy," said Sharon Duchesne of Ludlow.

State Police were brought in to investigate, closing down part of Center Street for more than two hours.

The flashing blue lights from police cruisers have become the norm for those in the area, like Bruce Libby, a long-time business owner on Center Street, who said that he has seen at least five major accidents before.

"It's a long straightaway, so people tend to speed up," Libby noted.

It was the neighbor across the street, she told us she called 911. It was a very scary sight, saw the car go into this ditch off Center Street, and land up on these rocks.

Duchesne has lived here for more than 20 years. She told Western Mass News it's even a hazard for her 12 year old son when he tries to play outside.

"It's dangerous. I don't like him even shooting into the hockey net. It's scary," Duchesne added.

So what can be done? While Duchesne is hoping something will, drivers are warned of the constant changes in the road, while the speed limit drops from 40 to 30 in this particular section.

There is also no passing or parking on either side, but even then, crashes still pop up.

"I think police patrol it well. There's a lot of speed traps, but there's still accidents," Libby noted.

Monday's crash remains under investigation.

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