PALMER, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- School officials continue to assess the damage at Palmer High School after a fire over the weekend.

It's been three days since a fire broke out in a first floor maintenance room at Palmer High and students will still not be going back to school on Wednesday

"They didn't give us an update for a while, actually. Got the update from the news sharing it," said Meagan Gatto-Labossiere.

Gatto-Labossiere said that it's been a couple days since parents have received new information from Palmer Schools on the condition of the high school after Saturday's fire.

"I want it to be safe and clean before they go in there. I heard the smoke damage was worse than the fire itself, so it must have been a really smoky fire," Gatto-Labossiere added.

Gatto-Labossiere told Western Mass News late Tuesday morning they finally got an update, saying the high school would remain closed on Wednesday.

"My son is thrilled. He's having a very fun time sitting at home, doing video games and stuff like that, but I also put him to work doing some chores and stuff like that because he's not getting off that easy...but he's also missing out on sports right now 'cause he just joined the track team. He's missing out on the practices," Gatto-Labossiere noted.

Now, school parents are left wonderings how the missed days will be made up before the end of the school year.

"We don't do blizzard bags. I've heard of that, but our school hasn't started doing that yet, but I think that's a good idea and all of the sudden, we just started getting a lot of snow days because finally winter hit and now, if we're going to miss a whole week, I'm pretty sure we're going to go far into summer, so that's what I told my son, yeah it's all fun and games now until you're going into the summer," Gatto-Labossiere said.

Palmer High School parents said that they got an email from school officials informing them about a meeting tomorrow night at Pathfinder to give them information about the staus of the school and future plan of action.

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