WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - As we near the midnight hour on this Halloween, it's time to continue our ghost hunt with Agawam Paranormal.

This year, we're creeping around one of the oldest houses in western Mass.

The sun's been down for a few hours when we arrived at our destination.

We'll be spending the night at the Josiah Day house in West Springfield.

The crew gets busy running cable, setting up the night-vision cameras, and positioning the motion detectors upstairs and down.

Built back in the 1750's by Josiah Day, the house stayed in the Day family until it's final resident, Lydia Day, died in 1902.

That's when the Ramapogue Historical Society purchased the property and turned it into a museum.

It's no stretch to say this house, the oldest brick saltbox in the U.S., is one of Agawam Paranormal's favorite haunts.

They've been here several times ghost hunting, and tonight is no exception.

Except now, anchor Chris Pisano is tagging along.

"We've got two small teams with four of my people on each team. They're going to alternate back and forth between staying on location and coming into the command center, so we don't cross contaminate our own evidence," Rob Goff, founder of Agawam Paranormal, tells us.

That way if something does go bump in the night, we're bound to record it.

Before beginning and with the lights dimmed...

"Our Father, who art in Heave. Hallowed be thy name," the group said.

Rob always leads the group in prayer for protection.

"With power and glory. Forever and ever. Amen," the group stated.

And with that, our investigation into the unknown begins.

"I've got one team, which is more the metaphysical. I've got my two psychics that are on there, so we're going to see what we get with that, and then the second team is more empirical and attempt at evidence collection, so we're going to try doing some spirit communication through both avenues and see what we can get. We'll see if we can get another apparition to form. I don't know," continued Goff.

Here's what we do know and what we uncovered.

Throughout the night, we get orb activity on the infrared cameras, including one that was dead center in the living room.

In the upstairs bedroom, an orb appears from the bottom of the frame and zooms away to the left.

There are also strange noises.

With everyone on the first floor, there were sounds of something heavy being dragged above us.

"There's movement upstairs," says Goff.

Speaking of upstairs, the bedroom where Lydia Day spent the final years of her life may also be where she's spending her time in the afterlife.

"As we investigate the darkened room, note the spinning wheel along the wall," noted Goff.

Earlier, three pictures taken in quick succession show one of the investigators walking past.

The first and third picture show nothing unusual, but if you look closely at the second one, there appears to be a faint outline just behind the door, the outline of an old woman seated at the spinning wheel.

Is this the ghostly image of Lydia Day or a camera glitch, a trick of shadows or treat for the senses.

You decide...and happy Halloween.

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