Parents concerned, frustrated over recent threats

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There was an increased police presence at a Springfield school Tuesday morning following a threat made on social media last night.

This, as an arrest is made in a separate threat against STEM Middle Academy, also in Springfield.

Many parents that we spoke with said that enough is enough with threats being made against their child's school.

We are told by school administrators at Sabis that the student who made last night's threat has not yet been disciplined.

That news comes as police in Springfield arrest a 13 year old for another threat - that one against STEM Middle Academy.

It was a tense morning for parents and students in Springfield.

"She didn't want to go to school today," said Cindy Hilson.

Springfield Police arrested a 13 year old student at STEM Middle Academy for posting a false bomb threat on the social media platform Instagram on Sunday night.

"Some of them probably are. She was telling me this morning there is a lot of kids not coming to school because the kids are scared and the parents are scared," said Nancy Ruies.

Meantime, at Sabis International Charter School, parents received an automated call Tuesday morning about a threat posted on social media on Monday regarding that school.

"It's scary. You think it can be something that isn't serious or is serious and can happen," said Katherine Ortiz.

Karen Reuter, the director of the school, told Western Mass News that a student made a threat on social media. She was notified and alerted Springfield Police who she said then visited the student at home.

Reuter did not share the students name or age, but did say the student has not been disciplined, though the school is vetting the situation.

This as some parents we spoke with say the lesson for parents is to have a discussion with their children regardless of age about the consequences of what they post online:

"I think a lot of it is social media has to do with it and a lot of it falls at home with parents," Hilson added.

Now police have not said if the student who made the threat at Sabis is going to face any charges. They did tell Western Mass News that if there is a credible threat, they will let people know immediately.

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