Are we becoming desensitized to violence in schools?


In the wake of the latest school shooting in Parkland, Florida, local parents are working together to keep their children safe in the classroom.

An online fundraiser for Agawam schools that launched last week has already raised hundreds of dollars for improved security.

Local parents are banding together with a $50,000 goal to place intruder-proof door-locking devices inside all classrooms at Agawam Public Schools.

“Anything they can come up with to make the kids safer, even if it’s that much more, it’s great," said Agawam resident Eric Wilder. Agawam Mayor Bill Sapelli wrote a statement to Western Mass News which said:If these devices they're fundraising for slow someone down and save a few lives, I support it. Parents feel helpless and they feel they have to do something and want to do something to work with us to improve the safety of the schools. Agawam has been out in front of this issue with training. Part of all of this preparation is to learn what we can do better as we move forward. Western Mass News spoke to local parents about the desire for more school security.

“I think if somebody wants to get in, they’re gonna get in. So a gun, if they shoot at a doorknob, can’t that open it?" said Tina Bacon of Connecticut.

In the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, authorities said the gunman got past locked doors by shooting his way into the school with an AR-15.

Bacon said she thinks shootings like these will continue to happen, extra security or not.

“I think they have to deal with the mentally, the mental issue of it," she continued. The creator of the Agawam GoFundMe wrote that 100 percent of the funds raised will be donated to Agawam Public Schools, and the exact selection of security devices is not yet set in stone.

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