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SPRINGFIELD/CHICOPEE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Parking bans remain in effect in communities across western Mass.

This is important so that snowplows can clear streets.

This blue flashing light means there is a parking ban in effect in Springfield right now.

So here, like in other communities, cars left on the streets will be towed.

When the snow starts to fall some communities across western Massachusetts put a stop to parking on the street...

If you live in Springfield this is what you should know.

The parking ban is expected to last until at least midday on Tuesday.

There is no parking on the even side of the street from 7 at night to 7 in the morning.

Then there is no parking on the offside of the street from 9 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon.

Department of Public Works Director Chris Cignoli said a number of cars have been ticketed or towed already.

"Ticketed over 300 vehicles and towed almost 100 throughout the city," Cignoli noted.

Cignoli told Western Mass News its normal practice for the city.

"It’s pretty standard for us. We’re out there right away we started last night at midnight on the ticketing and towing operation," Cignoli explained.

And it’s a similar situation in Chicopee.

We spoke with PIO Michael Wilk about how the city is handling parked cars.

"As you can see the streets that there are no vehicles on they are quite clean they did a great job so they go out we put it out with as much notice as advance notice as we can and they pick areas and they start there and they go street by street removing cars," Wilk explained.

Wilk said it is important for cars not to be parked on the road so emergency vehicles can make their way down the streets if needed.

In Chicopee, there were more than 30 cars towed over the weekend but that comes at your own expense.

"If a vehicle gets towed by the DPW they are going to have to pay the tow company for the tow and for the storage to get their vehicle out," Wilk said.

It can cost more than $100 to get your car out if it gets towed.

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