FOXBOROUGH, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- The New England Patriots are only one day out from hosting the San Francisco 49ers. The coronavirus pandemic, affecting not only both teams but fans too. While some are allowed inside their favorite stadiums, Patriots’ fans are not.

Western Mass News caught up with one Patriots fan who usually comes to every single home game and tailgating in the parking lot. Even though he couldn't do that this year, he told Western Mass News his spirit was never phased.

[You're telling me you come to every game?]

"I haven't missed a home game other than Christmas Eve, and I've been to two super bowls," said Patriots fan Glen DeCecco.

DeCecco is a major Patriots fan for as long as he can remember, knowing every little detail about the team.

"Here we are, nine trips in the last 20 years to the super bowl and six wins, 11 total super bowl appearances, so God bless this team," he said.

Back in 2018, DeCecco bought his van, the "Rolling Shrine," and decks it out in all Patriots merchandise, from signs to rugs, to even a Patriots-field-ceiling that he painted himself. He told Western Mass News it took a lot of planning.

"I had to get a can online and figure out how to convert a van, but the only thing I saw were people with RVs, but it gave me the basis to 'Ok, how can I set this up?'" he said.

Taking pride in his van, DeCecco said there's always more he can add.

"So, at first it was staples, pennants and 'Oh, that looks good, that looks great, but then, that doesn't look good, let's do this, let's do that,' and as the years progressed, every year, I'll be honest with you, I'll go out, I'll fiddle with something, I'll make it a little bit better because now it's attention to detail," he explained.

Supporting his passion is his wife, but DeCecco said she keeps him in check from time to time.

[We got to talk about your wife.]

"She tracks me on Amazon, and she'll say, 'Oh, what did you get this time? Let me guess it's for the van?' Yeah, it's for the van, got to love Amazon Prime," he noted.

Going to every home game for the past 10 years, DeCecco and his buddies have always parked the van, equipped with a television to watch games, in the Gillette Stadium parking lot for tailgates.

While he’s not spending every game watching in his van, as he would in the past, he still checks on his baby.

"I'll always check to make things are going. I'll tell my wife, 'I got to run it for a little bit, take it for a ride,' and utilize it so, it's running," he explained. "Then I'll turn things on, making sure 'What can I do better? How does this work? Is it easier to set it up this way?' [Then] I'll go through that progression."

As DeCecco is getting ready to watch his Patriots team, the team will be hosting the 49ers on Sunday at 4:25 p.m.

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