FOXBOROUGH, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- The New England Patriots are getting ready to start training camp amid the coronavirus pandemic, and the season is going to look completely different this year.

Western Mass News spent the day at Gillette Stadium getting answers on what coronavirus guidelines are in place before the players take the field.

It’s a new season for the team who is preparing for training camp to begin on Tuesday.

"For me, my life feels like it's back, you know? I'm texting back and forth with my friends during the games, and it stinks that I already lost like eight tickets to games this year,” said Tim Crowly, Patriots fan. “You know football Sundays, this year especially, are going to feel even more special."

Fans like Tim Crowly said they are excited for the 2020 season, but training camp is going to look entirely different with new coronavirus guidelines in place.

For starters, no one is allowed to enter the team facility nor take the field until they prove two negative test results. Week one of training camp means a lot of COVID-19 testing for the patriots.

Patriots rookies, injured players, and quarterbacks will be tested for COVID-19 on Monday. On Tuesday, all veteran players will be tested. Wednesday, there will be no testing, and come Friday and Saturday, players should expect to see their test results.

Following a week of virtual meetings, players who get the green light can get access to the team facility and field. It’s likely the first on-site workout won’t come until next Monday, Aug. 3, which would include conditioning and in-person meetings.

Another big question is who the patriot's starting quarterback will be -- either Cam Newton or Jarrett Stidham. Crowly has his vote.

“If Cam Newton is healthy, they can say it's an open competition, it's not an open competition if Cam Newton is here," he said.

Despite the numerous safety guidelines in place, he said he's just excited to see his team get back into the swing of things.

“It was weird to go this long from March to even just this past week with baseball coming back, so getting football back is a huge step in the right direction," he said.

Training camp is expected to stay on schedule as more coronavirus testing will take place on Tuesday, for veteran players.

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