Pesky potholes plaguing Westfield streets

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Pothole problems continue and this time in Westfield.

Several people have reached out to Western Mass News about problems on their street.

Today, we talked to the city about the progress they've made so far and if any new pothole repair trucks could in the works.

The short is no, not right now.

The city's Department of Public Works said that they have an infrared truck that they're using, but as always, they're trying hard to repair as many as they can in a timely manner.

The DPW said that there are just so many at one time that it's impossible to get to every street, every week.

"My daughter just got her driver's license back in January. Usually, you want to say 'hey, watch out for other drivers.' Now, we're saying watch out for all the potholes," said Mark Porter of Westfield.

Porter lives on Old Stage Road in Westfield and is fed up with how many potholes are on his street.

"Every year. We've been here eight years. Every year, the road gets worse and worse," Porter added.

It's not just Porter's neighborhood.

On Route 202, drivers are being urged to use caution and we saw driver's swerving in and out of their lanes trying to avoid any damage.

"I understand some other cities have different equipment that can come and do long term pothole repairs. West Springfield has a device like that," Porter noted.

Porter is talking about the 'Terminator.' It's a truck that only requires one person to use and applies a hot patch to the pothole, which West Springfield said is more effective than the traditional 'throw and go.'

However, it costs about $196,000.

Francis Cain with the Westfield DPW told Western Mass News that right now, that's just not in the budget, nor do they feel they need it.

"We went with the infrared patcher because based on what we found and researched, that infrared was a more like real asphalt when it's put down. We did a round of patching like two or three weeks ago when we had a spell of warm weather and we used 33 tons of asphalt. That’s probably $6,000 right there," Cain explained.

For Porter and his family, he's hoping the city comes up with another plan soon.

"I'd be hoping if Westfield could find the money or get something from the state or city to come up with a way to get a grant to be able to get the vehicle that gets them really smooth and long lasting for the winter," Porter noted.

Westfield's DPW said that if you have an issue, you can always call.

Cain said that there's no need to call the mayor's office. He said please be patient with the city. They are working as hard as they can.

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