SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Potholes are causing increased problems for drivers across western Massachusetts and the department of public works is saying the increase of rain we've had may be to blame.

We've been hearing a lot from viewers this winter about pothole problems in their local towns,especially on Mill Street in Springfield, so we reached out to several local public works departments to see what their doing to patch the issue.

Because of the recent rain, potholes have been a major issue for local departments of public works.

"We've been getting so much rain that we have to go back and fill the potholes all over again," said Easthampton DPW director Joe Pipezynski.

Pipezynski told Western Mass News that after 30 years of working as the director of public works in Easthampton, every time it rains, he knows the streets he'll be working to repair.

"I know the streets, I know what streets are problem areas and I know what streets we have to go back to right after a rain storm," Pipezynski added.

However, the expense of it all makes filling pot holes more difficult than it sounds.

"Absolutely expnesive and the only money we have to repave is from Chapter 90," Pipezynski noted.

Every year, local DPWs have to put in a bid to the state through Chapter 90, which is money set aside from the government based on the amount of roads in your community. For example, Easthampton received $480,000 this year to repair roads, but that only covers the cost to repave three-quarters of a mile.

"The only way to solve a pothole is to completely repave the road. If we have blacktop, we can make a perminant repair, but until that, we have to use cold patch, which is just a temporary thing," Pipezynski explained.

It's something Agawam Mayor William Sapelli calls a short-term fix.

"It is a Band-Aid and we will stay on top of it until the spring comes and we can cut out the section and do it the proper way," Sapelli said.

Sapelli said that the city of Agawam has done extensive preparation to prevent potholes in town, but that potholes come with the New England territory.

"In the winter, we're in New England. We have potholes every year and right now, we try to keep up with it the best we can," Sapelli added,

In a statement to Western Mass News, MassDOT said that they are fully aware that potholes are a huge issue around the state. They tell us the best thing you can do to help the situation is report the potholes you see and swerve around.

You can also report potholes on the state's roadways by CLICKING HERE.

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