Peter Pan discusses bus station safety in light of Richmond, VA shooting

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A state trooper has died after a gunman opened fire on him at a Richmond, VA Greyhound bus station.The gunman is also dead. In all the chaos two bystanders were also injured and taken to the hospital.We're learning Trooper Chad Dermyer was killed, sustaining multiple gunshot wounds."I had my hand on the door handle when I heard two gunshots go off. I didn't think they were gunshots but then there were 5-10 more after that and I could see the muzzle flash through the tinted door so I ran out of there," said one bystander.Now more violence at yet another transportation hub now has local officials at Peter Pan Bus Lines reviewing all of their safety measures and adding more training for employees beginning next week. Vice President of Safety and Security, Chris Crean tells Western Mass News Peter Pan Bus Lines in Springfield is always guarded by a 24/7 security team. But they also partner with Springfield and state police who can often be seen monitoring the station and doing walk-throughs. Crean tells us in a statement: "It is a very sad day. I don't care how prepared you are because an active shooter situation you have to act very in the moment."In light of active shooter situations targeting locations across the country they also have trained their staff in just such a scenario and have an active shooter protocol should they ever need to follow it. Meantime in Virginia, safety officials at the Greyhound bus station worked with police to deem that area safe as another community comes to grips with violence and a family mourns the loss of Trooper Dermyer.Police in Richmond say it is an ongoing situation there. As of 9 p.m. Thursday they had not released the suspect's name but say he does have a criminal past.Meantime, here in Springfield, bus riders should not expect anything out of the ordinary. Safety officials here say they have no doubt they'll be in talks with state and local police to see how they can even further ramp up security.

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