Police cracking down on loud parties near UMass Amherst

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Loud parties near UMass Amherst over the weekend resulted in eight people receiving police summons.

This comes as the community prepares for the anniversary of the infamous Blarney Blowout.

It's an outdoor party that in the past has attracted a lot of people and a heavy police presence.

Over the last couple of years, parties like Blarney Blowout in Amherst have seen fewer and fewer arrests as police have added more security to office campus housing.

"If anything's going on, the police will let you know," said Liam Laite. The Party Smart program is designed specifically for UMass Amherst students living off-campus. They can register their parties with the police department, leaving a contact number, so that if there are any noise complaints, an officer can place a call and tell them to break it up in 20 minutes.

"Our landlord actually told us he would recommend that we register our parties because he doesn't get in trouble and we don't get in trouble if something happens," said Alexander Heroian. It's a program students said has been very helpful and one police have called successful. "I've had friends that have registered parties and then every time I've been at a party that my friends have registered, it's been really straightforward. The police will let them know what they need to do to resolve it and then as long as the kids resolve it, it's perfectly fine," Laite added. However, this past weekend, Amherst Police responded to two separate parties: one at 623 Main Street and another on 235 East Hadley Road.

In both instances, the residents had registered their parties with Party Smart, but they didn't quite adhere to the rules.

On Tuesday, residents did not answer the door to comment. On Saturday at 1 a.m., police responded to a home on Main Street for a noise complaint.

The registration program would have required them to shut it down.

However, at 2:45 a.m., police had to respond again for a complaint of loud music, clearing out about 50 people.

As a result, four people received a summons in violation of town by-law. On East Hadley Road, the party was registered, but the contact phone number listed was incorrect, so Amherst Police told Western Mass News another four received a summons, after they cleared out 100 people at 12:30 a.m. Sunday.

As the weather gets nicer, the community prepares for outdoor parties like the annual Blarney Blowout, but students said new security measures such as fences installed on off-campus housing property have helped control the crowds.

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