SOUTHWICK, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Southwick Police are urging people to lock their car doors after a rash of recent break-ins.

Unlike some of the other car break-in stories that Western Mass News has reported on in the past, detectives said the problem is growing more severe.

Southwick Police said last night someone was walking around pulling handles and taking wallets and cash out of unlocked cars.

But in two cases detectives say keys left in a car allowed the suspect to steal the whole thing.

Detective Sergeant Thomas Krutka said that jaguar was one of two cars jacked from a Southwick neighborhood Tuesday night.

Thomas Krutka, Detective Sergeant of Southwick Police Department explained the increase of break-ins.

"This seems to be getting out of control," Detective Krutka said. 

And he said neither was hard to steal because the doors were unlocked.

Krutka said suspects will go from home to home until they find a door that opens.

In this surveillance video obtained by Western Mass News, you can see a suspect walking through nearby Feeding Hills.

"They walked right up the driveway tried the door handles cars were locked so they just moved onto the next,' Detective Krutka explained.

Over the last few weeks, communities in western Mass have been reporting car break-ins with Longmeadow also seeing three cars stolen.

"The mo everything is fitting the same, with the same criteria. It all seems to be coming from deep down in Connecticut,"  Detective Krutka said. 

Krutka said that's where the stolen jag was found, but he claims the suspects know to conceal themselves.

"One was wearing a t-shirt on his head so you can't identify him,' Detective Krutka said.

Leaving law enforcement to search door handles in the hopes of getting a fingerprint.

"We’re going to have the Mass State Police Crime Lab come here," Detective Krutka noted. 

Until then Krutka is extolling the benefits of a locked car door because as seen in the video. 

"They didn’t try to break into it they just want the simple access. [Don’t give it to them.] Don’t give it to them, don’t make it easy,' Detective Krutka said. 

Krutka also told Western Mass News he's working with the other local police departments to try and find the suspects.

But he said even when they do he believes others will step in to take their place, which is why he said locking your car door should become a habit.

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