NORTHAMPTON, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- The Northampton Police Department, dressed in riot gear, had to intervene in a clash between a group of protesters.

There was one group that supported President Trump, and another group who was there supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

Police told Western Mass News they were dispersing the crowd because the rally was getting too rowdy.

The rally took place in downtown Northampton Sunday afternoon. There was a crowd of people who were holding President Trump 2020 flags, while another group of people on the streets were chanting Black Lives Matter.

"I came up here to walk around for the day. I turn, right around, and came back up," said Holyoke resident Mary Driscoll.

Some demonstrators told Western Mass News, with Election Day so close, it's important to speak their minds.

"Freedom of speech goes both ways. We’re both here, trying to send a message to tired people," she added. "People are fed up and angry, and we’re out here trying to bring awareness and do some good things, make changes."

One protester told us the two groups were on opposite sides of the street. Then a group of people belonging to the Black Lives Matter movement held signs and started marching towards the President Trump supporters, cornering them against a building.

Another demonstrator said with the election on the horizon people need to start speaking up.

"I think it’s an extremely pivotal time, but nothing comes to change unless there are actions, people speak up, and we use our voices to amplify others," explained a Northampton protester.

An ambulance was on the scene, but it's still unclear if anyone was hurt.

Police told Western Mass News they believe both protests were scheduled to take place at the same time on Sunday. They also said both protests broke apart by Sunday evening. Main Street was closed but has since reopened.

Western Mass News crews tried to speak with President Trump supporters for a comment, but they declined.

Western Mass News did reach out to the Northampton Police Chief Jody D. Kasper for more on the protest but are still waiting to hear back. Northampton Mayor David Narkiewicz has declined to comment.

Meanwhile, in the final days before the presidential election, Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse told Western Mass News the city is preparing for the big day.

"We’ve already had 30 percent of our registered voters vote early, or vote by mail, and we’re expecting a turn out to be as high as 65 or 70 percent of all registered voters in Holyoke by the end of Election Day on Tuesday," he explained.

He said if residents are still going to vote by mail, hold off on sending it out this close to the election.

Mayor Morse said if you chose to vote by mail and haven't mailed your ballot yet, you can still vote in-person.

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