WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - People have expressed their concerns about the animal rides and exhibits at the Big E after posts of some of those animals began to go viral.

That's why several animal rights protestors were at the fair.

Several people are passionate about the issue.

PETA has stepped forward, asking the Big E to end their use of exotic animals at the fair, while today's protestors were asking attendees not to spend their money on the animal rides.

"This has got to end," one protestor tells us. "We don't need it here."

Guests making their way to the Big E Saturday were greeted by more than two dozen animal rights protestors, one of those being Fran Frederick.

"I've been coming here for several years, and," stated Fran. "Every year, when I see these animals, it upsets me. So this year, I decided to come out and actually let people know that they're here and how they can help."

Sheryl Becker is one of the organizers behind today's protest and says she has concerns about the standards used for inspections of these animals.

"The USDA standards," said Sheryl. "Are extremely low, very weak, and they may be inspected numerous times while they're here, but that does not mean that the animals are okay. It doesn't mean that the elephant rides or camel rides are safe."

The protestors tell Western Mass News that their goal was really just to educate the public on why they shouldn't support the animal exhibits that are used for entertainment.

"We're woke," continued Fran. "It's 2018 and people are realizing that animals are not here for our entertainment, [and] that all the things that we've done to them historically were not right, particularly with elephants with them being at risk right now."

Frederick says she thinks the fair would be equally as successful without the animal acts.

"I love the Big E," stated Fran. "I come here every year. I march in parades here. If you got rid of the animals and let them go be retired, would it make a big impact? I do not think it would."

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