MONSON, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Homeowners who are affected by a crumbling foundation, or who may think their home is in trouble, could get some answers on Monday.

Monson homeowner Michelle Loglisci is still in a rough spot. She and her husband built their home many years ago and then realized its foundation was crumbling, which exposed a problem that turned out to be widespread.

The mineral, pyrrhotite, causes the slow deterioration of concrete foundations when exposed to oxygen and water.

A company that is now out-of-business, J.J. Mottes, got their materials from a quarry in Connecticut and poured concrete into homes throughout Connecticut and western Massachusetts.

Signs around Monson are letting people know about a forum Monday night to help get answers into this growing problem.

"Monday night is going to be an opportunity for residents who aren't sure what this is about, aren't sure if they're affected to come and learn about it. We have a really good lineup of information," Loglisci said.

Loglisci told Western Mass News that she knows she's not the only one affected by this and wants others in western Masaschusetts to realize how they could be affected.

"Unfortunetley, there's probalby some people out there that bought a home years later after it was built that don't even know that this exists, that this could be a problem for them because it's such a slow process when you first may have your home inspected It just loks like a normal settlement crack," Loglisci added.

Senator Eric Lesser, who has been fielding many calls from concerned homeowners, will be there on Monday too, but he said that there are positive steps happening right now.

"A commission is getting set-up to examine the scope of the problem and give recommendations back on the laws that need to be changed. That was signed, passed by the governor, passed by the legislature. The homeowner did nothing wrong. They followed the rules, they put down for their mortgages, saved money, bought their house. They did everything they were supposed to do," Lesser explained.

That forum will be held Monday, September 17 at 7 p.m. at Memorial Hall at 198 Main Street in Monson.

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