SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Due to the coronavirus pandemic many doctors' appointments and meetings are being held virtually.

This also is the same for recovery coaches, who are working with their patients by trying to keep them on the right track.

Western Mass News caught up with a recovery coach supervisor, Heriberto Rodriguez over Facetime to see how they are still connecting with their recoveries.

Recovery coaches have now turned to one-on-one virtual meetings while their offices are shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The video chats allow them to interact with recoveries while still offering guidance.

"One of the things that coach does is one-on-one and right now we are utilizing Ring Central, also Zoom, Facetime and Skype. That's how we get in contact with our recoveries," Rodriguez explained.

The Gandara Center told Western Mass News during these difficult times, being alone or isolated can be harder for someone in recovery because they rely on others for support.

"It's very important for the disease of addiction. One of the symptoms is keeping the person isolated and keeping them away from people in recovery and people who care and during this time they are stuck by themselves. We don't want to be alone when we are in recovery. We want to stay with people who are doing the same thing we are doing" Rodriguez noted.

Rodriguez said usually recovering addicts are used to going to support groups that are more interactive than a one on one session.

"Support groups are face-to-face, there’s a big group of people, who give you hugs," Rodriguez explained.

Rodriguez said he has never had to interact with his recoveries like this before, but it's all about rolling with the punches and keeping the connection.

"We support them, continue to uplift them, and tell them they are doing good and give them resources and connect them to other people on recovery as well," Rodriguez noted.

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