NORTHAMPTON, MA (WGG/WSHM) - A water main break in Northampton over the weekend left a muddy mess and significant damage for homeowners.

Many are now questioning who pays for the cost of repairs.

Residents on Winter Street are wondering whether the city will cover the cost of repairs from that water main break.

Well, the mayor’s office tells us the first step is filing a claim.

Cleaning up after any incident is never an easy task, but that is just what residents on Winter Street in Northampton are doing after a major water main break Sunday morning.

"It’s a mess. It’s just a mess basically," Northampton resident Sarah Freedburg tells us.

For Sarah Freedburg, this isn't the first time she's had to deal with the damages from a water main break.

"This is actually the second time this has happened to us believe it or not. When we were building this house twelve years ago, the water main broke in front of our house and flooded where we are preparing to lay the cement floor in the basement. That was all flooded out," says Freedburg.

Now, she’s facing costly repairs again, but is this the sort of thing private homeowner's insurance will cover?

Western Mass News tracked down the answer.

In Massachusetts, there are three types of water damage claims:

  • Seepage, which isn't covered by any insurance policy.
  • Back-ups.
  • Flooder's Insurance. The only category that includes water main breaks.

Recognizing that the water main break in Northampton happened on city property, Western Mass News reached out to the Mayor's office, which tells us:

“Each homeowner has been instructed on the procedure of how to file a claim with the city.”

Once those claims have been filed, the city will review them on a case by case basis.

As for Sarah, she’s just hopeful this is the last water main break she’ll have to deal with on Winter Street.

"I understand the city is looking into replacing the water main. I hope they do," added Freedburg.

The DPW tells us crews plan on coming back to finish repairing the road in the coming weeks.

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