Residents in a Springfield neighborhood still not receiving mail following dog issue


It’s been nearly a month since people in one Springfield neighborhood have gotten their mail.

It all stems from ongoing issues with a neighbor’s dog.

People who live on a section of College Street said they’ve hit their breaking point.

They want this issue resolved as soon as possible, especially with the holidays right around the corner.

Residents on College Street haven’t been receiving their mail since early November.

The deliveries stopped after ongoing issues with a dog on the block, including allegedly lunging and biting a mail carrier.

This, according to the northeast representative for the postal service.

The postal service told Western Mass News that 28 residents are being affected.

Sonia Young is one of them.

“It’s been very uncomfortable. Every morning you have to get up, take my grandkids to school, plus, at the same time, have to go make the lines at the post office. It’s been getting very overwhelming, especially close to Christmas.”

And with the holidays quickly approaching, kids like Alejandro Cruz said he’s also frustrated.

“We're about to order something, me and my brother, and we want to show my friends, and I don't want it to take a long time.”

Pam Peebles of TJO Animal Control said they continue to investigate, but have not been able to contact the owner.

They’ve tried a number of times. Peebles adds that their system has been updated to show the dog is now licensed after our initial Western Mass News story aired.

The system also noting that the dog has now received its rabies shot, which was a prior concern.

Postal service spokesperson Christine Dugas said that they have met with the owner, but haven’t reached a resolution.

Dugas said until then, mail deliveries will not resume. She said it’s a safety issue.

“Even today, I went to the post office and I asked when will things go back to normal, and they say they still don’t know when it’s going to be.”

Another resident on the block, Alicia Porter, told us that she started a petition to restart mail delivery.

She said she has 22 signatures so far and plans to fax it to Congressman Richard Neal tomorrow.

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