EASTHAMPTON, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Tag sales are popping up across western Mass, including in both Holyoke and Chicopee. Also, one Easthampton duo making sure theirs complied with COVID-19 guidelines.

Many people are looking to clean out their homes and host a tag sale as summer comes to an end, but there are a few things they have to do before making the first sale.

"It’s doing well," said Nancy Roy, tag sale organizer in Easthampton. "Everybody is wearing a mask. We have the tables six feet apart. Everybody is following, we have hand sanitizer, and so far, everything has gone very well."

Nancy and Jennifer Roy told Western Mass News getting ready for a tag sale during a pandemic was not difficult, and any COVID-19 concerns did not stop them from an end-of-summer cleaning.

"We started going through a bunch of stuff in our basement, and it just felt like the right time to do it," said Jennifer Roy, co-organizer. "We were thinking this week or next week, but there’s no time like the present. As long as everyone wears a mask and everybody stays socially distanced and six feet apart, again, we have hand sanitizer available, so as long as everyone’s following the guidelines, we didn't see a problem with it."

Before anyone can host tag sale, many towns require residents to get a permit, Easthampton included.

"It was five dollars to get the permit," Nancy Roy said. "I did go to the city hall and got the $5 permit. I had no problem getting it. I waited outside, I filled out the application, and they did give us some guidelines which we are following, and it's good for today."

Over in Granby, however, officials are cracking down on tag sales during the pandemic and not allowing any tag sale permits to be processed per the town's Board of Health and Select Board.

They released a statement on their Facebook, saying quote:

"Granby bylaws require a permit for a tag sale. The fine for having a tag sale without a permit is $25 per day. That’s not to mention the hassle of having to pay for it or going through the court process if you don’t. Please abide by the bylaws. We have no desire to shut down tag sales or issue citations. However, we will if we have to. We understand the stresses that all the COVID-19 restrictions and “normal” changes have placed on us all."

The Roys had advice for those who obtain a permit and are ready to hold a tag sale.

"Get the word out cause we’ve had people come from South Hadley come to Easthampton. They told us [they] saw our post on Facebook, so get the word out there definitely," Jennifer Roy said.

Those looking to get a permit can visit their town website or call their city hall to get the process started.

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