Residents react to president's proposal for teachers to carry guns

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President Trump is calling for some teachers to carry concealed guns to help keep students safe in schools.

The president's proposal follows a listening session at the White House yesterday with students, parents, and teachers.

The president's idea is generating a lot of reaction in western Massachusetts.

"I think it's a crazy idea," said Tim Collins, retired president of the Springfield Education Association.

Collins does not agree with president's proposal to allow some teachers to carry guns.

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"We don't need more guns, we need fewer guns," Collins added.

President Trump said his call to arms is a way to stop what he called a savage sicko from causing mass casualties.

"This would only be obviously for people that are very adept at handing a gun and it would be, it's called concealed carry, where a teacher would have a concealed gun on them," the president said on Wednesday.

Some in western Massachusetts like the president's thinking.

"I think it's a good idea. It's not for everybody, but those people who might have some training," said Greg Dwinell of Granby.

However, others think the idea makes no sense.

"I think it's ridiculous because they're not paid enough. They're not policeman, they are not public safety servants. They are there to teach our youth," said Tessa.

Lily added, "I think it's insane. [Why?] Because I don't think teachers should be expected to kill people."

As for being a deterrent for a gunman to think twice of going into a school and start shooting, again, it's a mixed bag.

"I think that posting someone in a uniform would make then a sitting duck and the idea nobody knows who's carrying would be a deterrent for sure," Dwinell added.

Collins explained, "No I don't see it as a deterrent. I see it as a dangerous situation. Teachers are supposed to be helpful to students. They don't need to be walking around school carrying guns. What we need to do is have sensible gun control," Collins said/

President Trump also is endorsing a higher minimum age for buying certain weapons like the one used in the recent Florida school shooting.

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