WARE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - For the second time this week, a rural, western Mass community has been the center of a large drug bust.

Last night, six people in Ware were arrested in connection to a drug distribution operation.

This comes after a multi-state and town bust involving Whatley, Deerfield, and Greenfield earlier in the week, resulting in the arrest of one person.

This Ware bust yielded more suspects.

Western Mass News spoke with one of the Ware Police sergeants involved with last night's case.

He says what was found in the home on a Dale Street was a holding house for meth, ecstasy, suboxone and marijuana.

"It doesn’t make me feel unsafe, no, because I don’t think they’re just going to get money," Ware resident Patrick Cantwell tells us.

Though a major bust happened right down the road from his home, the neighbor to 23 Dale Street says he's not afraid of suspected drug dealers bothering his home.

"It bothers me that they’re doing it in the town here, but, personally, it doesn’t affect me," continued Cantwell.

Six people were arrested last night out of the second floor apartment in this ware home. Police saying the attic and the apartment were used as a holding place for the drugs to be distributed elsewhere

Police tell Western Mass News that only two of the suspects, Melanie Fotiathis and Jack Coburn, actually lived there, adding that one of the suspects, Aaron Gasque, has more than seventy-five prior arrangements before facing the judge this morning.

They say the operation was like many of the others that they've seen in the small community with rural homes being used to stash and protect drugs that come from bigger cities.

"I was born and raised in this town. I have lots of friends and family. I’m not going to be driven out of the town I was born and raised in," says Ware resident Kevin Disley.

As far as the specific drugs found, police say the discovery of meth was the most concerning, saying that it's one of the most destructive to a community.

They also believe their efforts will disrupt much of the ecstasy sold in the surrounding area.

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