Restaurants take precautions during flu season

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Love may be in the air this Valentine's Day, but so is the flu.

As the epidemic continues to spiral, restaurants are doing their part to ensure a safe and enjoyable dinner.

"We've got a lot of reservations, we're expecting a lot of people," said William Collins, owner of Center Square Grill.

Restaurants are gearing up for a busy Valentine's Day dinner rush.

Center Street Grill in East Longmeadow is prepping for service.

"A tremendous amount of manpower goes into this day," Collins added.

However, the flu outbreak is continuing to spread through the country and many restaurants are taking extra precautions.

"I think one of the most important things about the flu from the employers standpoint. If you do feel one of your employees is sick, or infected with the flu, let them stay home," Collins explained.

Collins told Western Mass News this is a firm policy.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that 12 percent of food workers have admitted to coming to work sick in a recent study.

"We had a few people that needed to stay home sick. We're graciously saying please take the day off because the last thing we want to do is get any customers or employees sick," Collins said.

As always, they are keeping up a strict code for cleanliness.

"Sanitation and that kind of thing is at the forefront of our minds all the time," Collins added.

While the flu is no joke, "one thing we did do, more of a joke, we used a martini this weekend using Emergen-C, so it was a very healthy martini," Collins noted.

Now, if you are feeling under the weather or still recovering from an illness, your best bet is to postpone your reservation to another time.

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