SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Exclusive new developments are released as Western Mass News continues to get answers following the death of Achim Bailey.

The Springfield Bar where Achim was last seen the night he went missing was the subject of a hearing today.

After being canceled twice, the hearing before Springfield's Licensing Commission took place on Tuesday afternoon.

It has been close to 9 months since Achim Bailey first went missing after a night at Samuel’s in downtown Springfield, but several questions remain about what happened to him right before he went missing and leading up to the discovery of his body in the Connecticut River in March.

We know Achim was asked to leave Samuel’s after allegedly flirting with a woman inappropriately.

Tuesday's hearing focused on Samuel’s entertainment license and not their liquor license.

Let’s remind you of Western Mass News' investigation.

This past summer, Western Mass News submitted a public records request for Samuels’ security plan.

Our investigation uncovered that the bar did not follow several aspects of their plan, including that Achim should’ve received a warning, prior to being removed, also according to the security plan, people who are too intoxicated to drive should not be asked to leave, and if a person is asked to leave, security should wait with that person until transportation arrives.

Those are just a few of the things that should’ve happened, however, the owner told Western Mass News shortly after Achim’s disappearance that security said Achim showed no signs of intoxication.

That was also documented in a police report written by Officer Barry Delamarter with the Springfield Police Department.

Per Samuel's security plan, the bar’s security cameras should’ve been working, but they weren’t.

At Tuesday's hearing, that is what the discussion centered around.

Bar owner, Eddie Grimaldi clarified that when looking for security footage of an incident on December 23rd they noticed that their cameras weren’t recording.

Grimaldi said that the license commission was notified of this on January 9th, four days before Achim went missing.

New cameras were installed in the third week of January.

Officer Barry Delamarter, who serves as the liaison between the license commission and the police department says because their cameras weren't recording, they relied on video from the hall of fame’s cameras for the investigation into his disappearance.

Grimaldi said that as a tenant at the Hall of Fame, those cameras are something they pay for.

And he added that the cameras, if they were recording, are 12-years-old and not the best quality, compared to the hall of fame’s cameras.

It is worth noting that the video of Achim leaving the Hall of Fame was shown very briefly during the hearing.

Officer Delamarter was not questioned about why he wrote in his report that Achim showed no clear signs of intoxication.

During today’s hearing, we also learned that Springfield's License Commission reviewed this case twice now to see if they will face consequences on their liquor license.

Once in May, and another time in August, and voted unanimously both times not to take any action against Samuel’s.

As for today’s hearing, Mayor Sarno told us in a statement back in August that the hearing was going to review exit procedures when a patron has been requested to leave an establishment.

That, however, was not discussed at Tuesday’s hearing.

Western Mass News reached out to the mayor’s office to ask why that wasn’t touched upon, but they directed my question to Attorney Alycia Days who has not responded at this time.

Mrs. Bailey was at Tuesday’s hearing and she said she doesn’t have any animosity towards anyone, she just wants to make sure steps are taken to hold bars accountable so that no other family has to experience what they have.

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