WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Often, when a winter storm is coming, people rush to the store to stock up on food and today was no different.

With the snow coming down, the parking lot at Big Y in West Springfield was jammed packed with people rushing in to grab their snow storm essentials.

"[So will you tell me what you are shopping for today?] Everything, a little of this and a little of that," said Dolores Blier.

Some shoppers were grabbing everything they could.

"Stocking up on the essentials when the snows coming, 18 loafs of bread, six gallons of milk, then you're golden."

Now that may be a lot more than the usual, but store director Edward Williams said that they prepare for days like this.

"When we get the weather forecast, we bring in extra deliveries for departments and we stock-up on the items that customers are looking for to weather the storm," Williams explained. 

With shopping carts stacked, shoppers told Western Mass News that they want to be prepared.

"Just in case, you never know. They say, they say three inches. It could be 12 inches," said George Thorton.

However, they are not just stocking up for tonight. People are out shopping for milk and eggs for a good breakfast.

Customers said that there are some perks with snow storms..

"You know you sit on the couch, you watch TV, and you nibble...that's it," Blier noted.

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