Simple silicone sheet could help make scars less visible

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It feels like scars are impossible to get rid of and can cause insecurities for many people.

One product on the market claims to reduce scar formation with a simple sheet.

ScarAway uses advanced silicone technology to help heal new wounds and older scars. It's sheets are easy and are created to be breathable, flexible and comfortable while protecting - even under clothing.

However, does it work?

"Silicone products are the only ones that have been shown to be helpful to improve scars," said Dr. Stanley Glazer with New England Dermatology and Laser Center.

Living with scars can be hard, but simple sheets make treating them easy.

"You can expect improvement," Glazer noted.

Thin ScarAway silicone scar sheets are a latex-free treatment for visible or hard-to-reach body parts and the directions are simple - just clean the area, peel off the liner, and apply directly.

It almost sounds too good to be true.

"Holding oxygen in the skin, so oxygenating the tissue and holding moisture in the skin, because we know if there's moisture in the skin scars heal better," Glazer said.

The product claims that with consistent use scars will appear flatter, smoother, less visible and closer to your skins natural color and texture.

Reviews praise the product for its long-term results, but Glazer offers this advice.

"They're more effective when they're used early on, four to six weeks after an injury or a scar has formed," Glazer explained.

Older scars are less likely to see improvement, but Glazer said the product will not completely heal any type of scar.

"You cannot make a scar go away. You can make it look better. You can never make it look perfect," Glazer noted.

All age groups are good candidates for the scar sheets, which are reusable and affordable.

Western Mass News reached out to Perrigo, the owner of ScarAway. and did not receive a response.

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