Six Flags helps reunite soldier with family


For 18 years, Sargent First Class Michael Clark has been coming and going, keeping America’s enemies awake as a member of the Army reserves.

For the past nine months, he’s been in Afghanistan, serving what is now his 5th deployment overseas.

On Friday night, Michael’s tour officially came to a close when he arrived back in the states.

Then, his most important mission, of which Michael was sworn to secrecy, began.

"We're going to want to make sure they squeeze un as much time (as they can),"says Six Flags communication director Jen McGrath. "They haven't seen their dad for over a year."

"With the army," stated his wife Rachel. "You, unfortunately, never know exactly when they're going to come home."

With Rachel's help and the thrill capital of New England, Michael waited for his cue, emerging from the smoke for an embrace with the people who have waited for him for so long.

"This is the best moment with the deployment," said Michael. "Coming home to a loving family."

While Six Flags was open to the public on Saturday, it was really the Clark's park.

They got front of the line privileges on all of the rides and also, superhero gear.

The Clark’s say that while they know dad could be shipped off at any time during his remaining 2 years, they’re overjoyed that he’s home.

"This is the most elaborate, emotional, hopefully last deployment I go on welcoming me home to my family," Michael said.

A successful mission after all.

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