AGAWAM, MA (WGGB/WHSM) -- Six Flags New England is temporarily closed due to the coronavirus, but the park has announced all visitors will need to make advanced reservations to visit once it reopens.

“They’ve been a great neighbor,” said Agawam Mayor Bill Sapelli. “They pride themselves on that, and I respect them for that.”

The town of Agawam has been quieter these last few weeks with Six Flags New England in their backyard temporarily closed due to COVID-19.

“They’ve assisted the community in a variety of ways, job creation for many of our residents and certainly for some of our students, too, for summer work,” Sapelli said.

He said over the phone that without Six Flags up and running right now, the town is seeing a lot less foot traffic and a lot less revenue.

“They also bring in a lot of business and a lot of revenue for local businesses, and they have visitors from all over,” he said. “They come into town, spend their money in the town, as well, while they’re at the park, and that’s a good revenue source we’re going to be losing.”

The theme park announced on their website that all visitors, including pass holders and members, will need to make a reservation to visit the park once it reopens.

Western Mass News reached out to park officials who said they are still working on the logistics of the reservations and had no further details as of now.

“They’re going to put their heads together and think of ways to have an organized plan that’s safe for them, and safe for the community and safe for everybody,” Sapelli said.

Sapelli said he thinks people in the town are excited for Six Flags to reopen.

“The bigger picture is the revenue it brings in for the town and the businesses in town for those people who park cars and sell food the grinder shops and things like that that people stop on the way through, the taxes that they bring in -- so I think many people see the larger picture. I would be sad to see it not open.”

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