CHICOPEE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- The National Christmas Tree Association said that there are 350 million potential Christmas trees growing in U.S. farms right now.

Approximately 25 to 30 million of those expected to be sold this holiday season, so is now the time to get your tree?

"[It's not too early for that?] It's not. We're having a great season so far in that we've had enough cold weather for the trees to set their needles and decide that they can be cut at this time. [It's those three frosts you were mentioning?]. We had three hard frosts," said Susan Lopes with Paul Bunyan's in Chicopee.

Trees are coming down, which means it’s time to get into the holiday spirit.

“I'm one of the only ones who uses a chainsaw around here," Lopes added.

Sorry folks, you can’t use a chainsaw at Paul Bunyan’s Tree Farm in Chicopee. That’s only for business owner Susan Lopes, but you can use this - a saw and a cart.

"...Brand new blade on it, nice and sharp," Lopes explained.

It’s then into the field where trees like Fraser firs, a fan favorite, have been waiting patiently - about ten years - to be ready for picking.

Is it too early for holiday decorations and music?

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"[What makes it good? These needles? Is it durable?] It holds its needles for up to three months, so that's why people can cut our trees so early in the season," Lopes noted.

Lopes told Western Mass News the Frasers also have the shape that people have come to expect with their trees, but if you’re looking for a nice smell, you need a Concolor fir.

“They have a little bit longer, bluer needle. They smell very citrusy. Twenty-five percent of our customers come here every year for the Concolor fir," Lopes said.

It's not just humans who need water to survive. The trees need it too, if they're going to make it until Christmas.

“We like to have people use hot tap water the first time they water their tree, the first initial watering, then after that, we remind them how important it is to check their tree twice a day and make sure the water never runs out of the stand,” Lopes said.

For weeks now, Lopes said that people have been stopping by to tag their tree with ribbons they give out, but also decorations that say it may be too early for Christmas.

"[Got like spider webs on it] Yup, family took the time to gather their decorations up," Lopes said.

All so they can get into the spirit of the most wonderful time of the year.

“They love it. We have young boys and their fathers come and cut their trees down together. The girls are helping. The moms yell timber! Part of the experience starts with them picking out the tree," Lopes added.

The time to tag a tree to cut down is running out at Paul Bunyan's. The deadline to pick one is Monday, November 12, but once you do, anytime between now and December 22, you can go cut your tree.

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