HOLYOKE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- The second day of snowfall continued to affect the city of Holyoke as crews work to clear more than 170 miles of roadway.

For those who live on the city's side streets, they are frustrated with the amount of time it has taken to get everything cleared and safe.

When one family on Brightwood Avenue in Holyoke asked Western Mass News to visit their street, the street itself was difficult to find.

"Since the storm started on Sunday, we haven’t seen anyone from the city taking care of the street. We couldn’t even go out to work," said Isabel Belen-Coppin.

Carlos Coppin added, "We almost have like 18 inches here."

The Coppin family said they've seen the time it takes for their side street to get plowed gradually grind to a halt.

"Previously, the city was able to clean-up all the streets.  Taxes raised ever since last year and we haven’t seen any changes in the city and it’s unacceptable," Belen-Coppin noted.

Holyoke's DPW director declined an interview, but told Western Mass News over the phone that their plows stayed on main arteries Monday night, struggling to even keep up with the amount of snowfall.

This morning, they began work on the lesser-traveled roads, like the Coppins'.

"It’s not fair. I know that everybody’s pretty much in the same condition," Carlos Coppin said.

Even Chestnut Street, far from a secluded cul-de-sac, was filled with snow by noon and the residents in nearby apartments couldn't wait for the plows and cleared the street themselves with shovels

"Every time that it snows, we have to do the same thing like you see. There’s a lot of snow here," Feliciano Reynaldo said.

The frustration grew as high as the snow drifts.

"[Reporter: Do you see this happen a lot when there’s people out with shovels basically?] Oh yeah, a lot," Reynaldo said.

Belen-Coppin said, "If we got into an emergency, how in the world are we going to be able to get out of the house?"

A few residents asked about the parking ban. The DPW director told me the parking ban in Holyoke likely won't be changed to the other side of the street until Thursday, so people are asked to keep their cars off the odd side of the street.

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I emailed our Councilman and the DPW Director when we went over 12 hours with no plowing, 5 hours later we got a plow. That was at 9pm on Monday. Between 4pm and 9pm Monday I watched 4 plows go through without their plows down. We did not see another plow until after 5pm on Tuesday. There NEEDS to be some consequences for leaving residents to fend for themselves. No worries though - Our councilman's street was thoroughly plowed. Our neighbor ended up paying someone to privately come in and plow the dead end street we live on because they were under a foot of snow. What a joke of a DPW.

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