SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Decisions are still being made nationwide about the upcoming school year.

Wednesday night, Springfield parents are urged to answer an important phone call at 6 p.m., regarding their children and school this fall.

Springfield Public Schools said they have been working hard for months, trying to figure out the best plan for their students, but they really want to hear from the parents, so tonight, parents will be getting a robo-call with two options.

“We truly want to know what will work best for the majority of parents. We don’t want to make a decision without this kind of input,” said Christopher Collins, vice chairman of the Springfield School Committee.

Collins told Western Mass News that Wednesday night's robo-call to parents will lay out the two options and ask them to make a choice.

“We could have the students come in every week for two days a week, say ‘A’ group is Monday, Tuesday and ‘B’ group is Thursday, Friday and in the meantime, they have meetings they need on the Wednesday,” Collins explained.

There is also the second option.

“We can do ‘A’ week and ‘B’ week. One group comes in for four straight days one week, they do virtual robust education for the next week, then they are back, so it’s every other week,” Collins added.

Collins said the Springield School Committee did not want to move forward with any plans without asking parents what works best for them and their schedules.

“Whether it’s hybrid or all virtual, we can’t let the kids…we have to prevent them from sliding and not getting the kind of instruction that they need,” Collins said.

If students are getting a hybrid learning experience, Collins said it will be like a regular school day with classes from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“Oh believe me, it’s been long and intense. The staff have tried to figure out a lot and they’ve spent a lot of time developing robust virtual learning, so it won’t be wasting time. They’ll be really good lessons and feedback and live time with teachers,” Collins explained.

After parents register their choices during the robo-call, the school committee will take a vote Thursday night and then report three different plans to the state.

“We have to take a vote tomorrow night, but not on the details for the plan. The state said give us three plans - one for all virtual, one for hybrid, and one for everyone in-school - high level plans - then next Thursday, give us detailed plans,” Collins said.

Next week, detailed plans will be submitted to the state which is why the school committee is urging parents to speak up now .

“By next Thursday, we will have to take a vote on more detail, like I discussed with you, to submit to the state, then the state gives final approval. Usually, they are going to follow what the district wants,” Collins noted.

That robo-call will be made at 6 p.m. Wednesday. If you miss the call, they said there will be a town hall meeting next week where parents can call in and provide input.

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