SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Illegal fireworks went off across western Mass over the Fourth of July weekend.

In Springfield, the Fire and Police Departments received nearly 1,800 total calls on Independence Day, and now Mayor Domenic Sarno is trying to put a stop to it.

At night, fireworks have been going off for weeks, and now people are saying enough is enough.

“It’s too loud,” said Kelly LaFleche of Springfield. “The animals don't like it. The dogs go crazy. They don't like thunder as it is. All the boom, boom, boom, it's not good.”

That’s what a lot of people are thinking after the holiday weekend.

LaFleche said she usually hears the fireworks at night when she's at her friends house, but this past weekend, she heard it in her neck of the woods as well.

“I live closer to the East Longmeadow border,” she said. “Usually, it's quiet over there, and it wasn't quiet. Everybody was setting off their own fireworks.”

Other people have babies at home, and when the fireworks go off, their children wake-up.

“I don't like it. It's very annoying,” said Minh Ha of Springfield. “I have a kid at home. She wakes up every night when she hears the fireworks going off.”

Ha is very annoyed by the fireworks especially when he comes home after a long day of work.

“When I go to bed at night, I just want to stay in my bed and then relax,” he said. “I cannot relax my mind because I have to work during the day. I just want some kind of quiet and peaceful night to spend.”

Sarno is proposing a special home rule legislation. He wants stronger penalties for those caught setting off illegal fireworks, and also for those who choose to ignore written notices of violations.

“I want teeth in it,” he said. “I want to make it hurt so next time when they have to get a license or a registration of a vehicle or anything to do with that, if you have these on the books, you can't do it. So you're going to think twice about being disrespectful on these illegal fireworks.”

The legislation Sarno is proposing will be brought up at the July 20 City Council meeting.

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I would like to thank the person who blew off i would say a good 3 grand worth of fireworks on the 4th near me. Thank you for the great show and to the mouth breathers who 4 days after the fact are looking to essentially jail a person for celebrating the country's birthday, karma will find a way to deal with you people as it always thankfully does!

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