2 Springfield men arrested on drug trafficking charges in Vermont

Image Courtesy: Newport, VT PD

Two Springfield men face trafficking heroin and fentanyl charges after they were stopped by police in Vermont over the weekend.

A Newport police officer stopped 24-year-old Michael Sinquell-Gainey and 28-year-old David Vaz early Saturday morning while they were getting on to I-91.

Prior to the stop, the officer reportedly saw Sinquell-Gainey driving erratically, and at one point he entered a Cumberland Farms gas station parking lot the wrong way, according to police.

Newport police said during the stop, they smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from Sinquell-Gainey and Vaz.

A K-9 unit searched the outside of the vehicle, and with Sinquell-Gainey's permission police searched the inside.

During the search, police allegedly found several cell phones, and recovered 40 bundles that held 400 bags that contained both heroin and fentanyl.

In a picture posted on the Newport Police Department's Facebook page, appears the drugs were labeled "POISON".

Sinquell-Gainey and Vaz were charged with possession of heroin (two grams or more), trafficking heroin (3.5 grams or more), trafficking fentanyl (70 milligrams or more), transportation of fentanyl (20 milligrams or more) into the state.

Newport police said while Vaz was being issued a ticket for possession of marijuana from the traffic stop, he gave police a false name, then he allegedly made subtle threats "that officers interpreted as an attempt to intimidate them".

Vaz was additionally charged with obstructing justice and providing false information to a police officer.

Both Sinquell-Gainey and Vaz were arraigned on Monday. Sinquell-Gainey was held on $100,000 bail, and Vaz was held without bail.

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