SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - Four budding businesses in Springfield met with officials at city hall today to talk about the recreational marijuana shops community host agreements.

Councilors were able to address their concerns.

One of the big topics was why INSA was giving additional money to the city.

"It's about the new revenue and the new businesses and the new jobs it's going to create," Springfield City Councilor Adam Gomez tells us.

Springfield City Hall was packed with people addressing their concerns about the four new pot shops planned to open in the city.

"We just want to make sure we are doing our due diligence, that, the contracts that are before us, that Springfield residents are going to thrive from them and that the agreements that were met were sound, complete, and concise," stated Gomez.

Gomez tells Western Mass News a main concern was the community host agreement with INSA.

"INSA does have a host medicinal host community agreement. They have a medicinal clinic out on Cottage Street, so that was kind of the discussion, which was different from the rest of the companies, because they already have agreements and do business with the city," explained Gomez.

All four companies must pay the city 3% in their retail sales for marijuana and other pot products.

Under the proposed agreement, INSA would also pay $20,000 over the course of five years.

"They already give $5,000, so they felt that they could give it another way instead of giving twice to the same program," says Gomez.

The Chief Executive Officer for INSA says the company has chosen two places close to their hearts, including Riverfront Park.

"The founders of INSA went through the ECOS program and it was extremely meaningful to them, so they just wanted to give back to that program," INSA's Chief Executive Officer noted.

One of the other shops, Six Bricks, says they understand the reasoning behind the concerns.

"I think the reality is that they are a different company and they are on different footings slightly because of the reality that they already have a medical establishment," a Six Bricks representative said.

City councilors will meet Monday night to talk about the host community agreements for all four pot shops.

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