SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - The Springfield License Commission is making the decision to suspend the liquor license for Moriarty’s Pub.

This is following a shooting that happened outside the pub in May.

Starting on Monday, Moriarty’s will have their license suspended for eight days.

The head of the Licensing Commission confirmed to us over the phone that the liquor license was temporarily revoked over the May 26 shooting that occurred outside the bar early in the morning.

No one was hurt in the incident, but shell casings were found.

The Licensing Commission official tells Western Mass News the pub did not follow their approved security plan, because they failed to have a bouncer at the door on the 26th.

The number of days they are suspended, eight, is interesting and let's break down why...

The Licensing Commission tells us five of those days were handed down as a result of the May 26 incident.

We're told that, because the May 26 incident occurred within a year of their previous license suspension from July of 2018, they have to serve an additional three days.

We have reached out to Mike Moriarty, the owner of Moriarty's Pub, who stated:

“This is the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life doing business in the city of Springfield. I wished we all worked together: One team, one dream. But it’s always one sided and I’m on the bad side. I’m sick, saddened and disgusted of the way I have to live my life because of this city and the crime that goes on in it.”

Moriarty says he will be altering and resubmitting his security plan, but, in the meantime, he says this decision is hurting his business and his five employees.

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How is this breaking news! The owner is clearly at fault and is looking for sympathy.


How is this braking news? Nothing else exciting today? The owner of the bar is a known drunk. He is guilty of not following his own safety plan and he wants sympathy! The city needs businesses to follow the rules and to be responsible when they are not. Knowing you are already on probation shouldn't you do the right things? Or are you one of those people who blames everyone else?

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