SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - We continue to follow the latest developments from Wednesdays powerful storm.

Two Springfield parents jumped into action, potentially saving their baby and daughter, when a tree fell on their home on St. James Boulevard.

Although they are not allowed back inside their house, they say it could have been worse.

"Something in me just said, 'Stacy, something's not right. Something is not right. These trees are going to come down'," Springfield resident Stacey Ramsdell tells us.

Stacey says her mother's intuiting kicked in during Wednesday night's storm in Springfield.

"We were noticing that there was a lot of wind going on and my husband had already put the children down for bed up," explained Stacey.

Stacey and her husband Allan's two children were asleep on the second floor of their home when the unthinkable happened.

"We went upstairs and we got the kids and within thirty seconds of him putting our daughter down on the couch and me sitting down with our son, we started hearing the breaking of the tree behind us and the rumbling on the ground," stated Stacey.

She jumped into action.

"I lunged forward, I grabbed her, our friend jumped over me, and my husband jumped on top of all of us and that's when the tree came down on the house," said Stacey.

Stacey and Allan immediately took their children and left for the night.

They came back Thursday to see the damage done.

"Definitely grateful that we did get them when we did, because the ceiling opened up right above my son's crib," says Stacey.

A massive hole can be seen right above where there son was sleeping.

"It was extremely scary. It was terrifying," continued Stacey.

"It was a loud bang and we felt the house shake, and all we felt was fear, especially for the children," explained Allan.

Ridgeline Tree Company came in Saturday to clean up the mess.

The owner says he has worked on about thirty homes since the storm.

"It's probably been the worst besides cars. There's been a lot of totaled cars. As far as house damage, this house is pretty much done," noted Tim Fedora.

Now, the Ramsdell family is trying to pick up the pieces.

"We have nowhere steady to stay right now, you know? It is a night here, a night there. Pretty much the clothes, living out of our car," added Allan.

To learn more on how you can help the Ramsdell family out, you can click or tap here for additional information.

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