Springfield Police unveils new real-time crime analysis center

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There was a big announcement Monday from the Springfield Police Department.

Their real-time analysis center, or R-TAC, is officially live for the first time.

The center aims to keep officers and the community safer then ever before.

A project four years in the making is now reality.

The Springfield Police Department, along with Motorola and Mayor Domenic Sarno, announced that the department's Real-Time Analysis Center - or R-TAC - which will help solve and prevent crimes while keeping people safe.

"This real-time crime analysis is the most sophisticated in New England," Sarno explained.

R-TAC is a room filled with TV monitors and computers, tracking more than 50 traffic cameras across the city and counting.

We watched as they took two hours worth of traffic footage at the 'X' - a very busy intersection - turned it into six minutes of video and separated it out to get specific car types, colors, even colors of people's clothing, as if searching for a suspect.

Springfield Police Commissioner John Barbieri told Western Mass News that this crucial information, from traffic cams to schools and even social media threads, will be able to get this to officers in the field in seconds.

It couldn't have come at a better time.

"The next level is efficiency and especially with MGM opening, they have been a good partner. We know that we are going to expect between 10,000 and 30,000 more people in the city," Barbieri explained.

It doesn't stop in the schools or on the streets. Police are also working with Pride to allow access to cameras outside their gas stations.

"We've always been very concerned about security," said Pride founder Bob Bolduc.

Bolduc told Western Mass News that Pride will be the first private organization to work hand in hand with the new police system.

"Us getting into it, it was just natural. It was the next step in the evolution of this latest surveillance system," Bolduc explained.

Crime in the city is down nearly 50 percent in the last five years. Police hope to continue that trend with the new system.

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