The gas explosions and fires that rocked eastern Masaschusetts also have people in western Massachusetts talking - especially those who are Columbia Gas customers.

The Columbia Gas website lists six towns around western Massachusetts that have projects currently happening or starting soon.

Homeowners said that yesterday's events in the eastern part of the state are good reminders to stay cautious and aware when this type of work is happening around their home.

Driving along Ellington Road in Longmeadow, orange flags and signs of spray painting cover the street.

Columbia Gas' website states crews are currently working on a project in the area until late September.

"I think, because we have such old infrastructure here in New England, they had been working on our gas lines in our neighborhood for mostly the whole summer. They'd been digging holes and running new lines and the main lines in the street and they started running them to the houses as well," said Bill Mulderig of Longmeadow.

Longmeadow isn't the only western Massachusetts community town listed for Columbia Gas projects.

The company lists 11 different streets in Springfield that have projects currently happening or starting soon.

Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno said that in light of yesterday's events, he wants to meet with Columbia Gas and other city leaders before work continues.

"To schedule a meeting, at the appropriate time, to make sure that we can continue to reassure our Springfield residents and business community to keep us safe here in the city of Springfield and their continued maintenance updates are going on and new construction," Sarno explained.

Springfield Fire Commissioner B.J. Calvi told Western Mass News that if you ever smell gas in your home, get out and call 911.

"If you smell gas in your house, get out right away. Don't turn off any lights, don't turn on any electrical appliances, don't turn on a fan and try to air things out. Just leave your house and make a call once you get outside your house that you smell gas inside your residence," Calvi added.

We have reached out to Columbia Gas and their offices in Springfield, but have not heard back.

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