Springfield school offers support to Stoughton High following deadly crash

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People in the town of Stoughton are mourning the loss of four young people, who were killed in a car crash Saturday afternoon in East Bridgewater.

We have learned a Springfield school principal has reached out to those in mourning to offer his advice.

It’s a tragic coincidence and similarity these two Massachusetts high schools share: mourning the loss of a group of students killed in horrific car crashes, just one year apart.

For the first time since four of their classmates were killed in a car crash, Stoughton High School teenagers returned to class on Monday.

Four teenagers were killed in an accident Saturday afternoon in the eastern part of the state.

It’s something Dr. Tad Tokarz, principal of Springfield Central High School, can relate to.

“It does bring back memories. That’s something you’ll never forget," Tokarz explained.

In January 2017, four teenagers died in a crash on Union Street in Springfield, leaving the Central High School community in mourning.

Now Tokarz is doing what he can to console people in Stoughton.

“We did give them a call. I did call and speak to the secretary of the principal, Ms. Miller. We let them know we are available if they needed any kind of advice," Tokarz said.

The driver of the car survived the crash and remains hospitalized.

In the Springfield crash, Aaron Thorne, 18. was the driver and the only survivor. He faces a dozen charges in relation to the crash.

Tokarz told Western Mass News that it's too early for Stoughton to have this conversation as the community mourns, but he makes sure to talk to his students about the importance of wearing a seat belt and driving safely.

“That is something we continue to talk about, especially as prom season, graduation season comes closer," Tokarz added.

The Stoughton crash remains under investigation and the 17-year-old driver of the car is in critical condition at a Boston hospital.

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