SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - A Springfield mother suffering from kidney failure is hoping someone from the community will help save her life.

"It’s a constant, everyday battle," Springfield resident Marjorie Moise tells us.

Marjorie Moise, a Springfield single mother, like most mothers, says she will do anything for her son.

"Every time I look at him, he’s my strength. He keeps me going," says Moise.

But as a single mom, her struggles are some that most mothers couldn’t imagine: caring for her special needs son while suffering from kidney failure.

Marjorie says she’s been on the kidney transplant list for over two years now and she hopes that someone from the community will come forward and donate.

"The average time is five years and in those five years, anything can happen. It puts a strain on your other organs, your heart. The more you wait, the more damage it does on your other organs," explained Moise.

But Moise isn't just waiting for a donor.

She's searching for one herself through social media and even using her car to get the word out.

Her mission is urgent. Not just for her, but for her 22-year-old son, Marcus.

"I live for him. I do everything for him. I’m the reason that he is here. We both are each other’s support and I’m the only one that he has around and I’ll do anything to try to be here for him," stated Moise.

And Marcus tells Western Mass News he is praying someone out there will help his mom.

"My mother nice lady. I love my ma a lot. My ma need help. She needs a kidney partner and I need to help my mom out. I love my ma a lot and my ma help me. I help her out," said Marcus.

Moise says with just the two of them, she doesn’t know what her son would do without her, and when things get tough, she thinks about him.

"He’s my strength. There’s days where I just don’t want to do my treatments and I really have to think about him. It’s not fair to bring him into this world and take the coward way out," continued Moise.

A battle she says that is more mental than physical.

"It’s really hard when you’re battling this kind of disease, because it affects every part of your life," says Moise.

But Marcus says he knows his mom is strong.

"I love her. I love her a lot," added Marcus.

Marjorie has Type A blood.

For more information on how you can help Marjorie Moise and her son, Marcus, you can click or tap here for more information.

You can also call Marjorie directly at 413-276-9494 or call 617-632-9700.

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