Pre-trial hearing held for Stewart Weldon

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We're learning new information tonight about the investigation on Page Boulevard, where police found three bodies in and around a home.

A man who lived in that house, Stewart Weldon, faces several unrelated charges including kidnapping and assault.

On Friday, a judge granted his lawyer $15,000 for a private medical examiner and a psychiatrist.

In addition to a medical examiner and psychiatrist, Judge William Mazanec also granted Weldon's attorney with funds for a private investigator.

Police still have not charged anyone in the deaths of those three women found at Weldon's home, but the district attorney calls their deaths "suspicious."

Weldon's attorney appeared in Springfield District Court Friday and a judge approved state funds for his defense: $5,000 for a private investigator $5,000 for a psychiatrist $5,000 for a private medical examinerJudge Mazanec granted Weldon's attorney with $15,000 total.

In addition to granting Weldon's defense thousands of dollars, Mazanec also allowed his attorney, Matthew Fleishner to withdraw and allowed the appointment of his new attorney, Brian E. Murphy.

This all comes after Springfield Police officers pulled Weldon over for a broken tail light last month, finding a woman badly injured in his car, and arresting him on charges including kidnapping.

Days later, authorities announced they found the bodies of three women at Weldon's home on Page Boulevard, but they have not charged anyone in their deaths.

"This repeat, violent offender shouldn't have been on the streets to begin with," said Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno.

Weldon was no stranger to local police departments and courts. A spokesperson for the Springfield Police Department told Western Mass News that they have charged Weldon with 68 offenses since 2002.

Before his arrest on May 27, a judge reduced Weldon's bail at a hearing on another case in October.

"Our tax dollars, hard at work for this predator, who should not have been on our streets to begin with. This is the due process of our court system," Sarno added.

Sarno has been outspoken about bail reform.

"Many people aren't too happy about the overall situation," Sarno explained.

We did reach out to Attorney Murphy's office today for comment, but have not yet heard back.

As for the investigation, it continues and Weldon is currently being held on a million dollars bail for each of his kidnapping charges.

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