Stink bugs return with warmer weather

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New England had a taste of spring this week, and while many folks came out to enjoy the warmth, stink bugs awoke from a long winter’s nap.

Bob Russell, an Entomologist from American Pest Solutions told Western Mass News that aside from the stink, those insects are relatively harmless for most people.

"It’s a pest that winters over. So basically they got into homes around October, November time frame," said Russell. Stink bugs are temperature sensitive. "So we’ll have weather where it gets to be 70 degrees out, and they believe it is springtime so they start moving around a structure like it’s warm. They would like to go outside," Russell explained.

"They become a problem with their defense mechanism. They emit an odor, and that can be considered an aero-allergen. It can cause people with asthma or other issues to be alarmed by that," Russell noted. If you’re ready say goodbye to the stink, you can make your own trap.

All you need is a large pan, water, dish soap and a light. Set it up, and shut off the lights. The bugs should make their way into a bug bath.

"They are attracted to warmer temperatures and that light is going to emit that warmth. The soap gets on their body and emulsifies their exoskeleton and causes them to drown in the water," said Russell. There are other ways to get rid of these unwanted house guests. "Using a vacuum, or a piece of tape to stick them and then throw them away dispose of them. If you use the vacuum you can have a smell from them for a period of time," Russell added. These are only temporary solutions, so if you see stink bugs this year, they most likely will stick around next year.

"Hire a licensed professional company to treat the exterior of your structure in the fall and that can bring you some significant relief during that migration period," Russell noted.

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