Stop and Shop apologizes for mislabeled cheese

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Stop and Shop is apologizing after a woman said that the mislabeled feta cheese she bought was moldy.

Paige Lussier bought that cheese at Stop and Shop on Lincoln Street and after she told the company about what happened, they said that they're taking steps to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Last week, Lussier said that she went to go make a salad using the garlic and herb crumbled feta cheese that she recently bought at Stop and Shop.

"I opened it, stuck a fork in it, and noticed the discoloration and kind of picked at it a bit and just the entire center was mold, kind of just like a solid lump of it," Lussier explained.

Lussier said that she bought it on July 29, well before the sell-by date of August 22 as noted on the label. However, she told Western Mass News she knew something was off when she looked more closely at the product's packaging.

"I pealed it back and noticed that there was a second label, and so we knew it was relabeled once, and I took a closer look and found a third label originally dated June 30," Lussier added.

Lussier said that as a Holyoke resident, she always goes to Stop and Shop to buy her groceries and she was disappointed by what she saw.

"This could really sicken someone and if it's happening with one product, I'm sure it's happening with others," Lussier said.

In a statement to Western Mass News, Stop and Shop spokesperson Jennifer Brogan said:"It was brought to our attention that a container of feta cheese was mislabeled by one of our store associates with the incorrect 'Packed On' and 'Sell By' dates. We sincerely apologize for this error and are taking the opportunity to retrain our store associates on the proper procedures with regard to labeling. We can also confirm that a thorough review of our current inventory has been completed to ensure that all cheese and other deli products at the Lincoln St. store in Holyoke are labeled properly with accurate dates.""I just really want to see someone held accountable and responsible," Lussier said.

Stop and Shop said that any customer who might have a similar experience should contact a store manager as soon as possible.

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