HOLYOKE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- A student threatened harm on the school community at Mater Dolorosa School.

An eighth-grade student allegedly said he was going to shoot up the school. Parents have been reaching out to Western Mass News concerned with sending their children back to the classroom.

“For them to even have to wonder if they are going to be safe in school is unacceptable,” a concerned parent of a student at Mater Dolorosa said.

Families are distraught in the Mater Dolorosa school community after a threatening comment was made towards the school.

“This one classmate made a comment to her and her friend that he was going to shoot up the entire school,” the concerned parent said.

One parent who wished to remain anonymous said that his daughter was mortified when she heard the threat last Tuesday and she immediately went to report her classmate.

But days went by and he wasn't given any information until an email was sent to the 13 families in the eighth-grade class on Friday, three days after the alleged incident.

“My child is distraught about this whole thing,” the parent said. “These kids should not have to worry day by day.”

He said on Monday his daughter was called into the principal's office and she left in tears. That's when he filed a police report.

“She told my daughter that her story was not adding up. She started having a panic attack because she was so stressed out that she was pulled from class to ask these questions,” the concerned parent said.

Another parent who also wished to remain anonymous and have his identity protected told Western Mass News that his child who also heard the threat had also been questioned for coming forward.

“Here are two students that were brave enough to say something, and it just feels like now things are starting to get twisted and they’re making them out to be liars,” the second parent added. “And I take that personal.”

In a letter sent to all families on Monday night, the principal confirmed that an eighth-grade student made a verbal threat towards the school.

The Superintendent of Schools Daniel Baillargeon said, “upon learning of this threat the principal contacted the Holyoke Police Department and the catholic school's office immediately. The school continues to be a safe and supportive learning environment at this time.”

While officials said the student who made the alleged threats has not been in school since the incident, parents say they won't be comfortable sending their children back to the classroom.

“I don’t feel like my daughter should be inconvenienced by having to work remotely because of someone else’s actions, but she will not go back into that school with that young man there,” the concerned parent said.

The letter sent to families Monday night said the investigation has concluded and appropriate disciplinary action has been taken. The superintendent could not say if the student would be returning to school because it was a privacy concern.

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