OXFORD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Now to a big show of support out of Oxford, Massachusetts. An English teacher, well known for her hard lessons and major impact, is receiving quite the surprise from her students, three years after retiring.

"I know I'm his favorite English teacher," said Oxford High School teacher Marcia Krantz.

Words often were spoken by Krantz, but are also so very true...

"Ms. Krantz was one of those teachers that everyone kind of prepared themselves for. She was tough and interesting and took no-nonsense. She made everyone a much better writer, person, a much better student, much better everything," said former student Danielle Frobel.

Krantz started her career as an English teacher at Oxford High School in 1999 and is known for her hard curriculum, classical music, and carefree humor.

"She taught all different levels and ages in high school," Frobel explained.

Earning "Teacher of The Year" award in 2009, and leaving quite the impact on all of her students, including Frobel, who graduated in 2010.

"Teachers, for a lot of people, made us who we are. There's always a couple of teachers, whether or not you had perfect grades, they as a person [who] impacted you. Ms. Krantz was one of those," Frobel said.

Krantz, who retired in 2017, said at the time, the school system gave her one gift to which she opened only a short time ago.

"When she retired in 2017, the school understandably didn't give her a hugely expensive gift, and I get that, but what they did give her was a mug that said 2008 on it, and she posted on Facebook [on] how unappreciated she felt, and that hurt my heart," Frobel explained.

"The mug said 2008. It's not that I didn't like the class of 2008, but I retired in 2017," Krantz noted.

Frobel told Western Mass News she took to social media with the help of others, inspired to do something more. Asking her former students, better known as "riff-raff", to join in...

"It was less about the gift and more about her feeling of being unappreciated or underappreciated," Frobel noted.

Western Mass News saw Frobel post on social media, asking to show appreciation for Krantz and all that she's done.

"Within an hour, we had more than $700 money was just loading in even during the pandemic it was incredible," Frobel said.

With nearly $5,000 raised in a matter of days by 450 alumni, the next steps included free landscaping at Krantz's home and a big surprise on a zoom call.

"Who else can I thank? Well, there are a couple [of] hundred people," Krantz said.

But, there's more, a brand new iPad pro.

"A magic keyboard...that goes with the iPad pro! Oh my god! Now I can stalk you, people," Krantz said.

And, an upgraded mug...

"Oh my god, my name is big. 18-years of dedicated service as the legendary English teacher everybody warned you about. This is awesome and so true," she said.

[How does it feel to know how many lives you have affected in this way?]

"It's overwhelming when I sit back and think this is massive and to think I have affected all of you so much," she said. "I guess you never realize how much you affect young minds, and sometimes it's not until later that you appreciate what I tried to do for you."

Hard lessons that surely lasted.

"Thank you, Ms. Krantz, for being so amazing and helping us all learn to write and be better adults and be better people," Frobel said.

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