CHICOPEE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) --This week the Western Mass News Surprise Squad is following through on a tip for a widow who's fallen on hard times.

Laura Wosko wants to thank her grandmother for continuing to go above and beyond just 4 months after losing the love of her life.

"She needs something positive what can I do for her? Because she does so much. Shes a crossing guard in Chicopee at Stefanik School and the kids love her, police wave to her, buses wave to her, kids across the street parents everybody. And she watches my girls in the afternoons. It's just been really hard for her so she could use some help," Laura explained.

The Western Mass News surprise squad got a call to help Chicopee widow, Marie LaFlamme.

"My grandfather passed away in September and they've been together for a while...20 some odd years, and when he passed she had a really hard time," Laura said.

The family lost grandpa, Red after a long, hard battle with cancer.

Marie's granddaughter, Laura told Western Mass News her grandmother relied on her husband to fix her car and help around the house, but now...

"My grandma is struggling financially since he passed but also very low positive with her. She had to move in with my aunt, everything's in storage, you can tell the things still bother her. Seeing a guitar still bothers her. She just needs something positive. Something happy to know that everybody does still care about you, it's ok, and something to make her smile. She deserves it. We're in front of Marie's house with a few goodies that will hopefully make her smile in these tough times," Laura said.

Western Mass News crew visited Marie's house to see if she was there.

[Hi, is Marie here? I'm with the Western Mass News Surprise

Squad. Is it ok if I come in?]

"Yes...oh my god," Marie said.

[We heard you've been through some troubling times and we want to help you out with that. I have these two things for you.]

"It's $100 towards your trip to Tupperlake, New York. Whys it so important? My husband's brother and family live there. Why do you want to head there? We want to bring his ashes to them. Was he the one who fixed your car and did all that? What did he do? He fixed the car, he would always like his little tape and super glue and all that stuff. He fixed it up to his way. Then what happened once he passed? I took it to Tony's Garage," Marie explained.

"I've been helping the husband pay me a little bit. Hundred dollars, the husband never stopped paying me. Sometimes fifty sometimes 20. I don't want to turn her down because she can't afford another car," Tony's Garage said.

"400 for what? 400 to Tony's Garage to help pay off your garage debt. Tony is also stepping up to help with a few hundred towards your debt too. Oh my gosh thank you. Thank you so much," Marie said.

Hard at work herself, the Surprise Squad called Laura with the good news.

[It's Brittany Murphy with the Western Mass News Surprise Squad. Stop it. We wanted to call and let you know I've met your lovely grandmother and we've chosen your nomination. Its true hun, I love you. You deserve it lady and now I'm going to cry! That makes two of us.]

"Always love your family and be there for them because he was there for everybody and he loved everybody also," Laura said.

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