SOUTH HADLEY, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - Claudia Breitung is a fiery, motivated 10-year-old, whose quick thinking recently helped deter an emergency in South Hadley.

The morning of Wednesday, March 27 was a time of celebration inside the Breitung's house in South Hadley.

"It was my baby sister's birthday," Claudia tells us.

"We had a fire across the street," stated Claudia's sister, Savannah.

"The porch was on fire," says Claudia's mother, Alicia. "You could obviously see the smoke and the flames. I immediately called 911."

Their neighbors' porch, at 16 Grant Street, was up in flames.

"I was looking out the window, and," continued Claudia. "I saw the fire above on the second floor across the street from me. I went and told momma and she called the Fire Department."

District One Fire Lieutenant Jason Houle was within running distance of the apartment.

"We got there," said Lieutenant Houle. The fire was on the second floor porch. When we went over to talk to the mother who called 911, she told us Claudia is the one who saw the fire and told her to call 911."

10-year-old Claudia's quick thinking is now being praised by the South Hadley District One Fire Department.

"She did everything right, and," stated Lieutenant Houle. "It made a world of difference. Not only for the owners of the house, but helped us in doing our job."

When speaking with the Breitungs, Lieutenant Houle found out Claudia and her 5-year-old sister Savannah's brand-new bikes were stolen the week before.

"I got to ride it once, and," said Claudia. "She only got to ride it once."

"It had a real big impact on my family," says Alicia. "Right now, we're in a family shelter. We don't have anything."

That's where the Wal-Mart in Hadley comes in, and the Big Y Surprise Squad added to the excitement with new toys, including a Nintendo DS.

"I speak for my mom, my day and my family when I say," said Claudia. "I'm grateful for the Fire Department and the people that work at Western Mass News, [who] provided all this nice stuff for us."

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