LONGMEADOW, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- It's not easy finding time to volunteer, but one Ludlow woman has spent her whole life doing things for others.

Inspired by what she's done for the community, the Big Y Surprise Squad knew she needed a special treat.

Deborah Alves is known as a pillar in her community

"She just keeps finding out ways to help other people in need," said Andrea Perez.

That's how Perez describes Deb Alves - her best friend of 20 years - a woman who's dedicated her whole life to helping others.

"Right now, she's working with elderly people and helping them in their homes and stay in their houses, so they don't have to go in a nursing home," Perez added.

During our surprise visit, we put Deb first, gave her a new wardrobe, and took her shopping.

Deb was brought to tears by the generosity she usually gives others at a time she needs it the most.

"Things like this just don't happen to me," Deb said.

We wanted to give back to Deb for all that she's done helping people with disabilities get jobs, the runaway adolescent home, and the Baystate psych ward.

"I've just had a rough week," Deb added.

However, that was about to change.

In Chic Shoenique helped the Big Y Surprise Squad dress Deb from head to toe.

"[How do you feel about your jeans?] Well, it's the only pair I got," Deb noted.

Not anymore! With the help of friends, family, and style experts Lisa and Jennifer, Deb has clothes that fit her shape and lifestyle.

Lisa and Jennifer picked out some everyday fashionable comfort shoes for Deb that she can bring from day to night and are perfect for all the ways she devotes her time.

"I feel fantastic. I feel beautiful. The women did an awesome job," Deb explained.

Beautiful on the inside and out, Deb's big heart will continue giving and we're just happy we could put a smile on her face.

If you know someone that deserves a surprise, you can nominate them by sending an email to suprisesquad@westernmassnews.com.

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